Good Venture Chain Service

There are many reasons to consider the Good Venture Chain Service.  People like you and us, want to see, know, and feel results.  

Above are our Cervelo P5s.  If you look at the overall picture, you can see difference in chain colors without having to give you a closeup.

Our chain service involves applying wax under high temperatures.  It is able to penetrate the roller and pin whereas most cases, lube does not do that.  That is amongst the important part of lubing a chain.  If that doesn't get penetrated, the job is as good as near nothing.  Traditional Lube is left over on the outer chain which is a magnet for debris and dirt. 

Enough of our description, VELOLAB has performed a test and below is the article of the data.


The pictures below are a chain that have not undergone the Good Venture Chain Service.

The amount of work done in this non-treated Good Venture Service Chain is a typical application.  One can say that perhaps the amount of time spent was short or not careful.  Realistically and in frequent cases, the above is a typical result after a ride and from an average bike maintainer

This picture indicates a standard lubed chain with your typical lube removal technique that involves the individual removing the lube from the top, bottom, side and side from the chain.  The type of lubricant can be found at most bicycle shops.   Most of us cyclists are  'middle of the road' when it comes to knowledge, technique, and lube application and removal.  The process should not involve an expert to have an efficiently cleaned chain all the time. But really, having expert service and results is what you need everytime.  So its not realistic to spend this amount of time, knowledge, and resources on a chain that you should consider maintaining before every other ride. The non treated chain has 49 miles on it.  The road this bicycle was ridden was a wide shoulder road that was relatively clean and no heavy debris or dust.  

 The final pictures are a chain that HAS undergone the treatment plan.  These pictures have 85 miles on the chain. The immediate difference is how it appears after the miles.  We can report that the shifts are just as smooth as they were after the immediate application.  A client of ours who fits the description as an average maintainer said he knew immediately when the chain was treated and reports the same as the miles keeps on counting.

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Thanks for reading and enjoy your ride.