Good Bike Service

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Good Venture Bike Service. 

We have the proper tools and most importantly knowledge to perform this service for your bicycle. We enjoy working on road and triathlon/TT bikes.  We have 7 years experience of working on bicycles as well as 4 years working closely with a World Tour Team. 

We know what works for us.

What makes our service different than other service providers?  Simple, it's our service.  Not service in terms of the hand behind the tool, but service, in terms of our communication, experience, and delivery. We aim to make your experience with us unique, close, and relational.  We want you to smile and be confident of your bicycle again after it leaves us.

This service includes:

  • Wipe Down Frame
  • Adjust Brakes & Shifters
  • Spot True Wheels
  • Lube Chain, Cables & Pivots
  • Torque All Nuts & Bolts
  • Test ride
  • Labor For Tire & Tube Replacement
* Parts, accessories & disc brake bleeds not included