Watt's Up! Cycling Studio

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Watt's Up! (by Good Venture) is a cycling studio that enables the rider to see their current activity while on a Wahoo Kickr. 

What did that mean? 

Watt's Up! is a spin class setting that uses Wahoo Kickr's.  The direction of the workout is displayed across multiple LED TV's via WAHOOSTUDIO.  It no longer uses the most common way to teach a traditional spin class, Rated Perceived Exertion (RPE).  

Does this class require me to bring my own trainer?

No.  There are 7 stations here. Each station can be 10 or 11 speed bike systems.  It does not utilize your rear wheel.  The Wahoo Kickr is as close as you can get to a real road feel, even surpassing the fluid trainer and the Direct Drive Lemond systems.

How do you measure your efforts in this class?

The unit of measurement that is used in this class is WATT.  Each Wahoo Kickr has its own built in power meter.  One would be surprised when using RPE, how much it can be off with what your body is really producing.  RPE can also be skewed with a lot of other circumstances.  For the most part, WATTS cannot be skewed (ask us later why we say for the most part).

Why should I train indoor versus outdoor?

Trainer workouts are just that, they are workouts.  They are not designed to replace the outdoor experience of riding a bike.  While we have experienced first hand, the consequences of safety in the outdoors, we believe outdoor riding has its place, as does indoor training workouts.  Through our studies, the indoor workout can accomplish much more in this environment.  To name a few advantages:

  • Safer - you are not at risk with drivers when using a trainer workout.
  • Quality - the workout forces you to pedal. No, its not pedal assisted but the screens will show a rider who is not pedaling.  
  • Time - get a quality workout in a set time.
  • Accountability - the program will keep you accountable in your efforts.  The experience will surpass the experience of the dreaded trainer ride in the kitchen.
  • And more - the elements of the road, mother nature, the instance when you have an issue with your bike.

What do I get out of this package?


You will get results.  There is no question that you will get results from this package.  Functional Threshold Power (FTP) tests (included in the cost) are done initially so we can understand your baseline.  Thereafter, you are tested every 6 weeks.  If you are coming to the class, you WILL see a result and we will be able to give you that result.  We are confident that you will be fitter and faster, all within a safe and fun experience.  

However, this package consists of 2 sessions per week over a rolling 4 week period.  Each session will be a minimum of 1 hr but will increase at the season progress'.

Sum it up.

If you would like to improve your fitness on the bike, this class is a solution for you. 

We believe that athletes always want to better themselves.  Through services like this, you will.  An obstacle that we have seen in the past, athletes don't invest in solutions like this because they are not convinced that they will see results.  This setting will show you results.  It will make you a stronger rider.  The class will also identify your strengths or areas that could use improving.  If you are pressed for time during the week, not know how to do your trainer workouts, or just need to chat with us regarding your challenges, please call/text us at (903) 405-7259 or email us at info.gdventure@gmail.com - We respond FAST.  Remember, there is so much more to discuss regarding this solution and it cannot be all done by description.

SCHEDULE - the times below are when the wheels roll.  It is crucial that the group starts sharp at the designated time.  Please keep in  mind there is a setup time that we have to take to get all the bikes ready to go.  If 1 person is late, the whole class runs late.  Please arrive at the minimum of 20 minutes early.

Each class can accommodate a maximum of 7 only.

Monday - 5a - COED every other Monday 1/8, 1/15, 1/22, 2/5 2/19, 3/5 3/19, 4/2, 4/16

Tuesday - 6pm - COED

Wednesday - 6pm - WOMEN ONLY

Thursday - 5am - COED

Thursday - 5pm - COED

Thursday - 6:30pm - WOMEN ONLY

Friday - 5a - COED